The Listener Ep. 7

The Listener Ep. 7 (05/19/21-05/26/21)

The Seattle Spectator’s new podcast The Listener. Join hosts managing editor, Andru Zodrow and news editor, Logan Gilbert while they discuss each weeks round of articles, and talk about things they generally are unqualified to talk about.

On this weeks episode we are going back to basics with just your favorite mess around boys. On this weeks episode Andru insults his home town of Spokane an awful lot, (hope no one from there listened to this or they would be pretty mad.) Logan reveals just how little he knows about pop culture even though Olivia Rodrigo is one of the biggest musical artists in the country right now.

Articles this week:
Virtual Pinning Ceremony Leaves Graduates Nursing Students Disappointed
Megan Bobilin

As Spring Quarter Ends COVID-19 Questions Remain With New Policy Changes
Ashley Hagar

First Equity Summit Uplifts Faculty, Students
Nicole Khudyakov

News of Student Employment Cuts Prompts Campus-Wide Concern
Megan Bobilin

Seattle U Community Responds to War in Gaza
Will Stein

COVID-19 Caution During a Seattle Summer
Kali Herbst Minino

SEAC Hosts Annual Quadstock with Artists UMI and the AJR Brothers
Ashley Hagar

Olivia Rodrigo is The Moment: A Pop Star’s Rise to Fame
Ethan Garza

Washington’s Own Kenny Mayne Leaves Behind a Massive Legacy at ESPN
Ben Wiley

Seattle University Battles Top Teams at NCAA Regional Softball Tournament
Matt Price

Mariners Fans Are Back and Without Masks
Matt Price

School of Law Alumna Accuses Seattle U of Failure to Support Victims of Abuse
Myrea Mora & Logan Gilbert

Music by Nathan Mayer
Produced by Logan Gilbert and Andru Zodrow
Edited by Logan Gilbert