The Listener Ep. 6 (w/ Emma Jaber)

The Listener (5/12/21-5/19/21)

The Seattle Spectator’s new podcast The Listener. Join hosts managing editor, Andru Zodrow and news editor, Logan Gilbert while they discuss each weeks round of articles, and talk about things they generally are unqualified to talk about.

On this weeks episode we had Emma Jaber, the Arts and Entertainment Editor on the podcast to bring some expertise on something important, unlike Andru and Logan’s excessive knowledge of budgeting procedures. Andru gets bullied a lot for being an Albers student (like seriously should someone stop it?) and Logan demands recognition from the school for some reason.

Articles this week:
Seattle U Student-Lead Programs Highlight Mental Health Awareness Month
Nicole Alejandra Hong

Red Night Award Ceremony Celebrates Achievement and Reflection
Nicole Khudyakov

Seattle U Hosts Two Day Walmart Clinic to Boost Vaccinations
Ashley Hagar

Should COVID-19 Vaccines Have Patent Protections?
Kali Herbst Minino

A Collection of Summer Reading Recommendations from Seattle University Students & Professors
Megan Bobilin

Netflix’s “The Circle” Draws Attention to Social Media’s Impact on Our Lives
Ashley Hagar

DK Metcalf From Gridiron to the Track: Why Not?
Tara King Goldman

Albers Ethics Week Provides Valuable Learning Experience for Students
Ben Wiley

Music by Nathan Mayer
Produced by Logan Gilbert and Andru Zodrow
Edited by Logan Gilbert