Riley’s Astrology Corner: Mercury Retrograde Preparations

Welcome back readers! In this article, I will be sharing some advice on how to adequately prepare for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde beginning May 29. We briefly discussed this event in my previous article but I wanted to give further insight into what the retrograde is all about. Hopefully by the time May 29 rolls around, you’ll feel ready to take on all of the necessary difficulties.

First, let’s talk about what Mercury Retrograde is and what happens to Mercury during a retrograde period. When a planet goes into its retrograde state, this means the planet is seemingly reversing its natural orbit path around the Sun. Think of it as the planet going rogue and having a mind of its own. Now, the planet isn’t actually moving backwards as this isn’t possible, rather the retrograde is simply the illusion of the planet travelling in reverse. 

When Mercury appears retrograde, it has passed the Earth in its orbit due to its shorter length. 

Mercury’s retrograde typically lasts for three to four weeks and occurs two to three times during the year.

Mercury is the planet of communication so its retrograde state is known for being a good amount of trouble in this field. All forms of communication are turned upside down—or backwards in this case—during this event. It can be difficult to navigate through these feelings. Mercury Retrograde can bring a lot of unexpected frustration in our lives that seems confusing and mysterious. Most people make irrational, unhealthy decisions during this time due to the lack of stability and guidance being offered. You might experience a deep feeling of separation and isolation as if you cannot understand the people around you. 

It’s important to know that this event isn’t completely negative, similar to most things in life. Struggling doesn’t mean your life is tarnished, it is simply a part of being alive. I understand how disappointing Mercury Retrograde feels every time it comes around, but if we take the time to do some personal realization and education, we can step forward feeling stronger. Understand that this retrograde is teaching us many life lessons all in one. Mercury is teaching us about the significance of communication in our lives and the importance of speaking with honesty and empathy. It reminds us to be patient and practice mindfulness in our daily routines. You never know what someone is going through so it’s always better to choose kindness. 

There’s nothing we can really do to prevent Mercury Retrograde emotions from arising in ourselves but we can stay calm and get prepared. Above anything, the main thing to remember during this retrograde is think twice before anything and everything. You will feel so tempted to buy a brand new car, date a new person, dye your hair, move out of your apartment and other things, but this is not the time to make any important decisions. In the end, you might find that you made these decisions without thinking through them and quickly regret them. Before May 29, make sure you have conclusively decided on any important life choices or plans so that you avoid these issues. 

When you have the time, start placing yourself in a more open mindset. You can practice this daily at work, school, with family, etc. Allow yourself to be like Jello and just wiggle around. Begin feeling comfortable with a loss of rigidity as the retrograde will put everything in complete chaos. If you remain open-minded to the flux of things, you will feel like you take on anything. Study the chaos, accept the chaos, understand the chaos. Having this in mind will benefit you greatly. 

When those emotions come banging on your door, just take a deep breath. You may feel like you don’t know where to turn or what to do next. Give yourself some time and patience to get comfortable. You will want to change your life into the most wild, erratic situation you can think of but remember to take a deep breath and think twice. There’s nothing wrong with feeling this way and there are plenty of people who feel just as lost, scared, and confused. Try your best to accept things as they are for right now and move on. 

During Mercury Retrograde, make sure to find the time to include positive activities in your schedule. That may look like yoga or meditation, painting, playing sports, writing or seeing friends. Invoke whatever positivity looks like to you so you’re able to feel a sense of happiness in your present life. If you neglect positivity and mindfulness during this retrograde, you will surely feel the effects it has on you. Days may seem to drag on forever so prevent this by keeping a peace of mind within yourself.

It’s important to speak with caution during this time. As said before, Mercury is all about communication so you’ll want to approach things lightly. If you’re finding it hard to communicate freely with others, just be patient with yourself. Slow your conversations down in order to best understand any conflicts or situations. You might find it helpful to listen rather than speak during this time. Negative or unfriendly gossip will rise exponentially during Mercury Retrograde so make sure you trust the people you are sharing with.  

Overall, learn to accept the chaos that Mercury’s retrograde brings. During this time, life can be so frustrating but it will all be okay. Three weeks of hardships will ultimately be worth it in the end. Remember that everyone is going through this with you and you are not alone. 

Thanks for reading and preparing for this upcoming Mercury Retrograde! Make the best decision for yourself and I wish you luck during this time. If you have any questions or comments, send them over to me at [email protected]