Riley’s Astrology Corner: How Astrology Can Change Your Life

Riley’s Astrology Corner: How Astrology Can Change Your Life

Let’s find out some more wonderful things about astrology this week! As we know, astrology can help us identify the meaning behind our birth date, place and time. It is what gives us our corresponding astrological signs which can help explain some of the aspects of our personalities. However, astrology can do even more in our lives. Studying astrology in your everyday life can help ease your mind and support a more positive mindset.

Astrology is a complex subject that you can study just like physics, psychology or graphic design. You can learn a whole lot of things about the world we have yet to explore, such as space. 

Space seems like an ominous abyss that hangs over us at night but the stars and planets have so much power and potential. Although astrology isn’t technically considered a method of science, it’s worth it to take the time to find out how planets can affect your day-to-day life. Better yet, you might actually learn some new things about our solar system. 

Reading horoscopes, astrological forecasts and general predictions can expand your mind and help you understand the ongoing events in the world. Whether it’s political news, college stress or relationship problems, astrology can benefit how you see the world from your point of view. It’s important to note that while astrology is not an answer for everything, it can help prepare you for certain emotions or situations that could occur in your life. Astrology apps that provide insight into astrological events and energies can be downloaded right to your phone. I personally recommend The Pattern and Astrology Zone.  

Hit up your local bookstore or the Barnes & Noble in your town for some great reads on astrology or the history of astrology. I recommend Astrology for Happiness and Success by Mecca Woods and The Stars Within You: A Modern Guide to Astrology by Juliana McCarthy. There are also plenty of free resources online via Youtube or various social media sites. Two talented astrologers and readers I recommend are @starsofjoi and @saturnianmystic on Instagram. 

Astrology can encourage you to accept who you are and embrace what makes you yourself! If you’re ever found wondering why you act a certain way or why your personality is so different from your best friend’s, astrology is able to answer those questions. Reading your birth chart or having it read by a professional can help you recognize that you were born the way you were and there’s no changing that! Reading on astrology can strengthen your confidence and inspire you to love your flaws. 

Even when you’re thinking—“why am I so different from everyone else?”—astrology can offer clarity. Astrology supports your social life and helps you understand the people around you. Oftentimes, people misuse astrology to judge others rather than learn about them. If used respectfully, astrology can make you even better in any social situation as you’re ready to take on what might come to you. You’ll learn about what makes every single person unique, and in that, learn to accept our differences as they are. 

Did you know that astrology can help you get exactly what you want in life? Using The Law of Attraction and astrology together can create powerful manifestations that will literally bring all of your desires right to you. The Law of Attraction is a very complicated philosophy that is too intense to dive into fully in this article but we can begin by thinking about the moon. 

We’ve talked about the power of the moon cycle before and what it can offer when one uses its energy. New moons regard setting intentions and new beginnings for the month, while full moons regard reflection and release. By harnessing the powerful energy that exists during these moon cycles, you can claim what you want in your life. During the next new moon, try writing affirmations in a journal that reflects what you’re currently looking for in life. This could look like writing for a new chance at love, a new car or just general happiness. Whatever you desire can one day sit in the palm of your hands. 

Finally, astrology can offer an immense amount of positivity. As I’ve said before, astrology helps you accept things for the way they are. For me personally, astrology has helped solidify the meaning of “if it’s meant to be, it will be.” Frustrating things happen in life all the time. They can beat you down and make you feel like you want to give up, but sometimes these things aren’t your fault at all. We look for reasons in everything but there are times where there are no reasons for anything. Astrology helps us break down those walls and move away from the world of fear. Rather, it teaches us to accept both the good and the bad as mere lessons. The planets, the stars and the universe all have a plan for you. You just have to trust in it. 

Thank you for being here with me today and taking the time to learn about the benefits of astrology! Open your heart to new practices and take a chance! If you have any questions or comments, send them over to me at [email protected]