Riley’s Astrology Corner: You Got This.

Riley’s Astrology Corner: You Got This.

Well, we have officially been in a quarantined pandemic for a year now! Life feels like it has been on pause for so long that it’s hard to remember what time of year it is. “How has it already been an entire orbit around the Sun? For some of us, it feels like we never really adjusted, whereas for others, it could be hard to think about adjusting back to a normal life. Wherever you happen to fall on that list, know that you’re not alone. We’re all taking this day-by-day and everyone is doing their best. 

Spring is here once again and there are a ton of astrological events occurring this month. For us students, we might start feeling those spring break jitters. A break probably feels way overdue as this Pisces season hit us all very hard. Even if you aren’t in school or aren’t currently attending school, taking a break could be helpful. It might be time for some good ol’ spring cleaning (but within ourselves).

This spring break can be used to detox yourself from your difficult reality. What you detox yourself from is ultimately up to you but make sure you’re taking this time for YOU and not anyone else. The key word here is: relax. Make yourself a spa day at home or cook a romantic dinner just for you. If you’re able to, surrender yourself to the world. Let the universe guide what you do with your days and just be spontaneous. Doing this can be a great reminder in how to be your most authentic self.  I encourage you to remove yourself from all of the superficial things in life whether that be your phone, bad habits or negative people in your life. Do things that raise your vibration or offer you any positive energy. This is a great time to analyze what you have going on in your life and seeing what needs to be rehabilitated or removed. Keep asking those questions from last week: What is bringing positivity in my life? What’s creating negativity?

There are a lot of different energies swirling around in this month of March. We have a new moon March 13, the conjunction of Venus and Neptune in Pisces, Mercury entering Pisces March 15 and Aries season beginning March 20. This can be a lot to consider so I will break down what this potentially means for us. 

These are my predictions regarding the emotions and energy these astrological events can bring, so remember to only take what applies best to your situation. As I’ve stated before, I recommend you focus on yourself this month as there is an immense ability to grow during this time. Try something new that you might have putting off for later. It’s time to indulge your creative side and use any newfound motivation to create beautiful things in your life. You might find more ways to expand your mind than usual so attempt to learn something new every day. You can always learn things from other people! Spark a conversation with someone waiting in line at the grocery store (as long as it’s safe and socially distanced) or in one of your classes. I encourage you to put yourself first this month but sometimes it can be nice to listen to others. 

March seems to be a month full of abundance and opportunity so reach for the stars! You have the ability to grab anything that you want in life and now is definitely the time! Transform yourself into the person that you want to be. Express yourself, be confident, dress how you want, take risks and be who you truly are. Encourage yourself to use this energy in places where you most need it. Make sure you’re happy with yourself and not transforming into someone you don’t really want to be. 

There are still plenty of intense emotions in the air due to the several Pisces placements, so this is a reminder to be kind, be kind, be kind! Though, be wary of any emotions that attempt to pull you under the water. Don’t let yourself fall too far from reality and your logical judgment skills. If you find yourself in any stressful or alarming situations, remain neutral and optimistic. Be strong and don’t give in to that negative energy. This is typically a time where people are indecisive and blinded by risky situations so be sure to make the best decisions for yourself. Remember to always put yourself first as you are the only person you have. Be careful who you find yourself opening up to or sharing energies with. 

Let’s talk about the fiery Aries season that begins soon. First things first, Aries is bringing us back down from our uneasy Pisces energy into our strong Aries energy. Expect to feel a big weight off of your shoulders. Aries are fire signs so they’re known for being feisty yet level-headed. They bring an environment of determination and resilience that you can’t find anywhere else. Aries season brings a ton of passion and reassurance that we might have been missing before. Now don’t let your ego get to you but know that you are a powerful, capable being. This is the time to take what you want and leave old things in the dust. Approach any desires with maturity and patience and they will easily come to you. You could be tempted to become that angry, crying toddler but just know that better things are on the way.

Thank you for being here to share this lovely spring anticipation! It’s allergy season so remember to pick up some precautionary antihistamines! If you have any questions or comments, send them over to me at at [email protected]!