Riley’s Astrology Corner: Take a Breath

Riley’s Astrology Corner: Take a Breath

Welcome back, everyone! For this week, I decided to pause from extending the conversation further and take some time to breathe and reflect. Let’s take a step back and notice the energy that surrounds us right now. There are a lot of intense emotions flowing in the air at the moment due to general frustration with the pandemic and this difficult Pisces season, so let us, together, discuss what we might be feeling and how to relieve some stress. 

Now that the full moon is fading away, we could be feeling more burnt out than ever. You might find yourself asking, “Why am I feeling ALL of this all at once?” The full moon is causing us to reflect on our choices and what we might have manifested for ourselves. Pisces energy has been forcing us to question how we’re walking through life and to feel any bottled-up emotions. These two events are creating a vulnerability that we are not used to while many of us already struggle with existing in an uncomfortable state. 

It’s easier said than done to “get comfortable being uncomfortable,” and putting these words into action can be difficult. Being put in a tough situation with no end in sight is hard. Take a moment and remind yourself that life isn’t perfect and we can’t always be positive. Of course, we want to change to make ourselves the best we can be, but it doesn’t happen overnight. 

Instead, begin by slowly recognizing and removing any negative habits and push yourself to stay motivated with more positive ones. If you sleep too late or aren’t eating healthy, first experiment with methods that can help you. Find what works for you and your lifestyle without keeping yourself in unnecessary negative spaces. It’s important to always be patient with change and allow yourself extra time to figure out what is best. 

You might be questioning everything in your life right now whether it be relationships, career choices, living situations or personal abilities. “What is bringing positivity into my life? What’s creating negativity? What am I doing with my life?” Remember that these are collective feelings; you are not alone. Ask your friends or family what they are going through right now and you might find similar responses. You might already be seeing this influx of emotions in your daily life. Keep these thoughts in the back of your mind when you are feeling particularly lonely or overwhelmed. 

This collective energy is all about change and pushing ourselves. Read this out loud a few times: things will get better. When you climb a mountain, you get to the beautiful view at the top (Thank you, Miley Cyrus). In order for better things to come into our lives, there has to be the painful part of cutting things off. Although these events seem like a bunch of added negativity and worrying, it’s actually opening our eyes to new improvements. The universe doesn’t want you to waste time on things that aren’t benefiting you. All of this work is meant to make you the best version of yourself. Push yourself to release all of the emotions you’re currently feeling and use them to your advantage. 

Many of us are scared of change or opening ourselves up to new things. We don’t want to do the intensive climbing it takes to get to the top. We are comfortable living in our chaos. Some of us feel like we don’t have any more energy to give. This is where we remind ourselves again and again to push ourselves to make those changes. The outcome will create a stronger, wiser, healthier and more confident version of yourself that you’ll be proud of. 

Again, this won’t happen overnight, so make the little changes today. Switch up an old routine. Try meditating or meditate every night before bed. Add healthy substitutes to your meals. Immerse yourself in nature. Allow yourself to rest. Cleanse your space of any negative energy with crystals or incense. Speak to the Universe for guidance. Treat yourself every now and then. Try a new hobby you’ve been wanting to start. Take a chance on something. Raise your vibration by doing things that make YOU happy. Because you matter. 

Thank you for joining me for this self-reflection! I hope you finish reading and feel a sense of hope in your heart. I wanted to share an event I found regarding last week’s article. Astrologer and Tarot Reader, Joi, (@starsofjoi on Instagram) is holding a beginner Astrology class over Zoom March 26, April 2 and April 9. She will be teaching the fundamentals of astrology and how to read a birth chart! She can be found on the Instagram I provided, or feel free to email me at [email protected] and I can send you over to her that way! Joi has only 9 slots available for the class so don’t wait!