Photo Essay: Dogs in the Sun

It’s amazing how we can be close to dogs without having to worry about COVID, and little Bean here is up close and personal | Colby Lane (Colby Lane)
Luciano enjoying the rays out in a pretty neighborhood near Seattle (Colby Lane)
This little one knows he is cute, and the camera knows it too (Colby Lane)
Happy dog chilling at Yesler Terrace Neighborhood Park (Colby Lane)
Samwise is loving the cloudy weather out at the popular Cal Anderson park (Colby Lane)
Woody is showcasing his beautifully soft fur as it shines in the sunlight! (Colby Lane)
Doesn’t matter that he is in a cone, Remington is still living it up at Pier 59 (Colby Lane)
Remington loves the sun and is showing it while out at Olympic Sculpture Park (Colby Lane)
Rose looking up with her pretty brown eyes at Cal Anderson Park (Colby Lane)
Patient pup waiting in the sun as his owners enjoy their coffee at Espresso Vivace Sidewalk Bar (Colby Lane)
Mia enjoying the sun in Cal Anderson Park (Colby Lane)