Affordable Dinning Around Campus: A Photo Essay

Classic and modern viatemese sandwiches, as well as noodle bowls, are popular dishes at Mr. Saigon for only 5$ – 9$ (Naomi Olsen)
Covid compliant outdoor seating at Ba Bar offers an escape from the dorm rooms for students living on campus looking for dinner nearby. (Naomi Olsen)
Vieatamese street food with many vegetarian options makes Ba Bar delicious and accessible to many dietary needs. (Naomi Olsen)
These cookies are sweet and salty and are a great deal for under three dollars. (Naomi Olsen)
“I recommend the caramel chocolate chunk cookies, the squarios and peanut butter sandwich cookies” Jared Watson, the Co-Owner of Batch, said. (Naomi Olsen)
Five dollar spring rolls with veggie options makes for a delicious lunch. (Naomi Olsen)
The neon sign shines, inviting community members to come enjoy Seoul Bowl. (Naomi Olsen)
My go to sushi has a variety of japanese food from sushi to ramen, the sushi is under 10 dollars. (Naomi Olsen)
There are many toppings such as sesame slaw for customized rice bowls. (Naomi Olsen)
Batch bakery has a variety of freshly made treats at 808 12th avenue. (Naomi Olsen)