Olympia Photo Essay


Jordie Simpson

Capitol Building with greenery.

Social stickers and writing on back of stop sign. (Jordie Simpson)
Seagulls in Puget Sound and flying near the Fourth Ave. bridge. (Jordie Simpson)
‘Land Back’ written on side of building. (Jordie Simpson)
Boats docked in the Puget Sound. (Jordie Simpson)
Wave mural adjacent to art gallery window with BLM sign. (Jordie Simpson)
Comic store window signage. (Jordie Simpson)
Famous ‘The Kiss’ sculpture along boardwalk. (Jordie Simpson)
‘Olympia’ mural with Capitol Building in the background. (Jordie Simpson)
Jordie Simpson
Parking garage tunnel leading to buildings and other street. (Jordie Simpson)
Three people walking under BLM spray painted on store’s sign. (Jordie Simpson)
Couple sitting at Sylvester Park bench, along Capitol Way. (Jordie Simpson)
Social justice and BLM posters in storefront window. (Jordie Simpson)
Capitol campus buildings with flags. (Jordie Simpson)
Capitol Building with greenery. (Jordie Simpson)
Political sign hanging from building roof. (Jordie Simpson)