Stuck Inside: A YouTube Special

Episode: Foo the Flowerhorn

If I told you that you would get hooked on watching videos about tiny fish living in a tiny aquarium alongside shrimp and floating plants, you would probably laugh at me. But as they say, who laughs last laughs hardest.

Foo the Flowerhorn is a YouTube channel that is very simple, to say the least. It’s a person that takes care of their fish tanks and keeps you updated on how their critters and plants are doing. This channel has an impressive 1.3 million subscriber count, and some of the videos have up to two million views each. Granted, the mini aquarium is very visually aesthetically pleasing and the videos are complemented by delightful background music. I really don’t know what else to include in this review, because I’m as shocked as you are going to be when you check out this channel and ask yourself, “Did I really spend 40 minutes watching some person take care of a fish tank?” And yes, you just did. Do yourself a favor and read the comment sections of the videos, you might find yourself among a growing number of people that ask themselves the same question.

If you decide to check this channel out, I would recommend that you do it on a study break, or if you are planning to take a nap. The videos are very calming and relaxing, and who knows—maybe you could start building your own aquarium while we are all stuck inside.

What really impresses me, though, is the huge community of people building tiny aquariums and terrariums on YouTube. There are several channels that have tutorials on how to make your own, and it seems to be an interesting thing to get into as a hobby.

I hope you have some time to check out this channel and relax a bit during these stressful times.

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