Stuck Inside: A YouTube Special

Episode: CinemaSins

CinemaSins is a YouTube channel dedicated to movie reviews, I was suggested to take a look at their “Everything Wrong With…” category. The videos in their channel are hilarious if you are a movie fan. The series “Everything Wrong With…” or EWW for short, has come up with an impressive fan base. The idea behind the series is that “no movie is without sin” so you can tag along the CinemaSins team in tearing apart both the worst and the best movies out there. Every video has a sin counter and a sentence at the end of it and the CinemaSins team does a good job when it comes to analyzing film.

If you ever thought you had a sharp eye and were good at detecting flaws, get ready to get disillusioned and start rearranging whatever image you had of yourself because nothing will escape the CinemaSins team’s eye. Other series within the channel that you can check out are “What’s the Damage?”(where the team figures out how much in property damage would our favorite movie characters if they had to pay for the damage they caused throughout the film), “Movie Recipes”, “Odds and Ends” (where the team make their own short films) and much more.

CinemaSins is a very complete channel that any movie goer will really enjoy. Take a look if you’re a movie fan and I hope you don’t end up wasting as much time as I have on the channel.

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