Stuck Inside: A YouTube Special

Staying inside has been rough for most people and in efforts of staying at least entertained, some of us have resorted to a lot of online platforms that keep us busy while the global pandemic keeps us isolated.

The purpose of this column is to provide readers the with the opportunity to connect with several YouTube channels that offer a very wide variety of content. Stay tuned every week and you might end up becoming a subscriber to channels that upload entire sports replays or instruct you on how to put your make up on properly or something. I have been spending a lot of time on YouTube lately and I have just been impressed with the amount and the diversity of content that can be found, even though I have been pray of a lot of those famous YouTube rabbit wholes where suddenly you wake up and you’re attending a video about the top ten torture methods of the Dark Ages unintentionally. But to the point, this column will become your weekly systematic rabbit hole where you can dive into the depths of YouTube and not get too worried about getting lost (unless you want to).

To start this column, I will refer to my current favorite channel: grainydays. Grainydays is a film photography channel hosted by LA’s most notorious chill film photography guy Jason. I have been dwelling in the not-so-famous film photography underbelly of YouTube for a while now, and there is a very dynamic community of YouTubers who have taken over the genre of film photography vlogs (even though it’s super specific there is a ton of them) and grainydays is one of the most recent additions to the society. Now, the reason why I think you should check out his channel is because it is very relaxed (although in that sense most channels that belong to this film photography genre are) and particularly funny but at the same time very informative. If you’re ever wondering what shooting with a certain camera or film stock might be like, I can assure you grainydays will not only provide you with the experience of how it might turn out, but hopefully make you laugh along the way. If you are keen on learning about the process of photography and its implications but you want your nonchalant buddy to be your mentor, I would very much recommend this channel. Even if you’re not that interested in photography it’s still a pretty good Sunday afternoon kind of vlog.

Jason travels to Iceland and Nepal but also just hangs out with his friends in this neighborhood and creates inspiring ideas for all of our trapped selves. If you start watching his channel, who knows? You might pick up a new hobby or at least get some good tips for the pictures all your three followers on your Instagram will see (a very grainydays joke).
In conclusion, next time you’re wondering whether you should watch another episode of Tiger King or re-watch the office maybe check out Jason’s channel grainydays and learn something new while laughing a little.
Thanks for reading, don’t forget to subscribe to this column and see you guys next week.

(P.S. If you have any recommendations for channels I should check out hit me up at [email protected])