Time out Session: Kamira Sanders Continues to Crush Records


Courtesy of Seattle U Athletics

Senior Guard Kamira Sanders goes for the shot against Chicago State on Jan. 4, 2020.

Capping off the first half of the season, Kamira Sanders has moved into the top 10 of Seattle University scoring history with 1,258 points throughout her career. She is currently tied with Mandy Matzke for 10th place and only needs 44 points to tie with Ashley Ward for the ninth spot in the rankings. A senior guard from Redding, California, she started her final season as an unstoppable force and shows no signs of slowing down.

LJ: From your journey as WAC [Western Athletic Conference] freshman of the year to beloved senior player, what would you say have been some of your biggest achievements and improvements?

KS: Just being able to learn how to slow the game down and slow myself down. People who watch me can tell I move fast and sometimes I let my mind speed up with me. Playing at this level, you have to be able to slow the game down. Achievement-wise, I mean, I was grateful for freshman of the year and I was grateful to participate in the NCAA tournament and making history as our first appearance there. I’m doing the best I can while doing what I love and making sure that I’m keeping the best mindset to make sure that I don’t lose that love. That’s my main goal—so any accolades that come with it are just that.

LJ: Has there been a specific game this season that was particularly challenging, or that you’re really proud of?

KS: I’d have to say the Utah State game because that when I scored my thousandth point. I had 30 points in that game and a couple of other games with 28 points, so the entire beginning of the season was a highlight.

LJ: As a senior, how do you display leadership qualities to freshmen players on and off the court?

KS: I’m trying to teach them to find their voices, to focus on next plays and to keep a positive mindset. Also, not being afraid to hold people accountable is one of the other things that I’m adamant about. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what grade you’re in. Everybody’s willing to learn something—even professionals are willing to learn—so it doesn’t make sense for seniors, veterans or me to be like ‘Don’t ever say anything to me, I’ve been here you haven’t.’ I’ve never had that attitude.

LJ: How has the team dynamic been this season?

KS: The team dynamic has been good. We kind of struggled at the beginning because we had all the red shirts [a delay or suspension of an athlete’s participation to lengthen their period of eligibility] last year. It’s one thing to be on the side and try to see all the plays and watch the games and do all this other stuff, and it’s another thing to finally get out there and play. So, it’s been a journey trying to get them up to speed because when you’re out there and you get fatigued, you start to lose focus.

LJ: Do you have any goals for the rest of the season?

KS: The obvious one is to win the WAC. Other than that, to stay healthy. It’s my last year and I have a tendency to get little nicks and bothers in my ankles and my knees, so just making sure I’m staying on top of my rehab and treatments so that I can stay out on the court and finish strong.

LJ: What’s your favorite thing to do outside of practice and school?

KS: If I ever have the time, it’s either sleeping or watching TV. I like “All American.” I just finished watching “The Circle,” but I’m really into “The Office”—I just keep rewatching it!

LJ: Do you have a favorite place to visit in Seattle?

KS: It might not count since it’s in Renton, but my favorite place to go all-time is Dutch Bros. If I’m not on campus, that’s probably where I am.

LJ: What’s your post-graduation dream job?

KS: I want to coach—mostly high school girls because some high school girls are very serious about the sport. I take basketball very seriously, so I don’t want to be with young kids because I’d be a little too intense for their level.

Sanders is looking forward to what the remainder of the season holds as the Redhawks are scheduled to play Utah Valley Feb. 8 at the Redhawk Center.

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