Time out Session: Asciuto Shines During Sophomore Season

Martina Asciuto, a sophomore on the women’s tennis team at Seattle University, is looking to lead her team to the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) and beyond as the team kickstarts their 2020 season. Asciuto plays both singles and doubles, and won her most recent singles match on Jan. 24, while her doubles win came on Jan. 25 with her partner, Junior Hannah Grossman.

MM: Over the past weekend, tennis got their first win of the season. How did that feel and what was behind the big win?

MA: The day before, I probably had one of the best matches I’ve had in a really long time, and all my teammates finished their matches and came to watch me when I was down in the second set, and then I came back to win. I feel like everyone watching me and supporting me was a great experience and I wanted to bring all that fun and positivity into the next day. We finally got our first doubles point, which was a huge thing for us. We have been working on our doubles, and so for us to get the double was the key for us to win that match.

MM: Sounds like a wholesome and supportive team setting. What do you prefer, doubles or singles?

MA: I played singles my whole life, but doubles in college is pretty fun. Having a doubles partner you keep the whole season makes you become closer with them. We [Grossman] have been partners since the start of the season and so far, we’re staying together. It’s a good match-up.

MM: That’s always nice to have that chemistry. How is the team looking for the season?

MA: I think we’re stronger than last year. We got three new players, a freshman Jade—she’s solid—and in the line-up, Peggy from Sweden and Michelle from Germany. They have experience and they’re older, so they’ve already been through this before…they have a lot to share with us younger ones.

MM: How are you looking in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) right now?

MA: To be honest, right now I don’t know where we are currently—but I know we will definitely do better this year. Last year we got sixth, and I think this team knows our coach better because he was new last year. We have a new assistant coach too, so I think with all the added help we will do better.

MM: What’s your favorite part about the season so far?

MA: We travel a lot, so I’m excited to travel everywhere with everyone and visit new places. I’ve never been to Colorado, so I’m excited for that.

MM: What was your favorite memory of freshman year during tennis season?

MA: I think receiving the WAC athlete of the week honor was cool…I enjoyed that.

MM: What are your goals for this year?

MA: My goal for this year is to get a conference win. I think that our team has a chance to win conference this year, so that’s my goal for us. If we continue to work hard in practice and play these matches in the beginning like it’s conference and put all the work in, I really think we can do it.

MM: Do you have a pre-match ritual?

MA: I have a friend that sends me quotes and motivational videos. This season I started using them more, and I think it helped last match against Boise State. I was confident in myself; I knew they were better ranked than us but I stayed calm and positive and that helped.

Asciuto is excited for what the rest of the season has in store for not only herself, but her team. Tennis will face off against the University of South Dakota on Feb. 1 locally in Seattle.

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