Five Ways to Support the Australian Bushfire Crisis

Australia’s New South Wales bushfires have seen an unprecedented amount of destruction, worrying environmental scientists about the future impact of hundreds of millions of lost species and unfathomable amounts of carbon entering the atmosphere.

Although, for college students, money is tight and many times it seems like there’s nothing we can personally do to help crisis like these. No worries, there’s plenty of “discount” ways to help Australia without fear of going broke.

Globally, the Red Cross supplies aid and humanitarian relief to those in need. Over the bushfire season, the Australian Red Cross is aiding evacuation, connecting loved ones, providing food, water and hygiene kits.

For the red cross, anything can help, and any donation is welcome. Some organizations have a limit on the minimum amount one can donate, but on the Australian Red Cross’s website, you can donate anywhere from $1 to $100. So instead of buying a coffee today, make a pot at home and use that spare cash to donate.

One Tree Planted is an environmental charity and nonprofit started in 2014. The organization’s main mission is restoring forests after natural disasters such as wildfires and floods and protecting the earth’s biodiversity. In 2018, the organization was able to plant 1.3 million trees.

Donating just $1 to One Tree Planted ensures that a tree in Australia will be planted in your name, along with a personalized tree certificate to say thank you.

Foodbank is a nonprofit that, in addition to helping food insecure Australians, is providing food to people affected by the bushfire. For every $1 you donate, Foodbank can provide communities with $6 worth of much-needed supplies.

WIRES is a wildlife rescue nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the protection and preservation of native species. They educate communities on the variety of Australian wildlife and are licensed to rescue and care for native species in New South Wales.

To help Australia’s native wildlife you can go to their website and donate either directly through their website with your card or via PayPal.

You can also support firefighters working to contain these fires, many are unpaid volunteers working long strenuous shifts of 12 hours or more. The New South Wales Fire Rural Fire Service website is accepting donations that will assist volunteer firefighters to deliver additional services to the communities they assist.

Even though we constantly look towards celebrities to donate small percentages of their fortunes. For the everyday person, the question is always “what can I do to help?” Well, it only takes a couple of minutes of your time and no more than five dollars.