The Week in Review


Accidental Overdose Marks Third Teen Fentanyl Death in King County

The death of Gabriel Lilienthal on Sept. 29 marks the third teen death in King County. All three King County students accidentally overdosed due to the consumption of fentanyl-laced pills which were thought to be OxyContin.
The Public Health Administration issued a warning to all Seattle public schools the following evening. In the warning, it informed teens not to take any pills that have not been given directly to them from a pharmacist or subscription. Parents are also encouraged to have conversations with their children about the dangers of fentanyl and other drugs. Unfortunately, drug and alcohol related deaths in King County have significantly increased since 2011, contributing to the nationwide opioid epidemic.

Two People Injured in Third Capitol Hill Club Shooting

Around 2 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 6, gunshots were fired outside of a Capitol Hill club. Witnesses say that this marks the third shooting at the club within the last six months. According to Seattle Police, there were no fatal or life-threatening injuries linked to the shooting, but two people were caught in the line of fire and immediately sent to the hospital. What exactly sparked the rounds of shots is unknown, but nearby residents and witnesses say a fight took place in front of the club around Minor and Pine prior to the fired shots. Residents say that there has been a disturbingly noticeable increase in violence in the general Capitol Hill neighborhood—this shooting being the second one to take place in the area that day—making employees and people scared to go to work or head out for the night.

Pedersen and Scott Take Part in District 4 Debate for Seattle City Council

Seattle City Council candidates Shaun Scott and Alex Pedersen took on the District 4 debate on Saturday, once again displaying their distinct and opposing voices on significant topics affecting the greater Seattle area. While both candidates did agree upon the expansion of the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Program, their divide was demonstrated in their campaigns or local climate and homelessness strategies. Scott even mentioned a local version of Green New Deal as a way to promote his campaign’s strive for environmental efficiency. Additionally, Pedersen promised City Hall’s involvement of investing in programs to help reduce homelessness and save money by adopting a tax system that was less regressive. Ultimately, Pedersen led the debate with 40% of the vote in District 4’s primary, while Scott polled second with 23%.

Banning the Use of Facial Masks in Public Erupts Violent Protests in Hong Kong

Hong Kong was faced with a violent weekend as it inched on the fourth day of subway closures due to blockages by anti-government protestors. The protests were taken to the streets, targeting anything linked to the Chinese government after a ban on wearing face masks in public was enacted. The public outbursts, displays of violence and vandalism as reaction to protestors’ feelings of the government infringing on their civil liberties. Several protestors were arrested during these assemblies—which were not government authorized—and met with police force using pepper spray and tear gas. Protestors continue to wear masks during these assemblies even with the adversity of physical force and threats of punishment and unemployment. Since Friday night, several government workers have been sent to the hospital to be treated for injuries and one bystanding teenager was also shot and sent to the hospital in critical condition. Many participants stayed home from any protests and assemblies on Saturday in fear of putting their own lives at risk.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo Aims for a Greener Paris with her Plans for Urban Forests

Mayor Anne Hidalgo looks to moderate the effects of climate change and strive for a greener Paris by announcing her plans for urban forests. As Paris hit record-breaking temperatures this past July (at 42 degrees Celsius), Hidalgo looked to decrease the number of cars and automobiles on the road. Throughout her five years in office, she has created about 600 miles of bike lane projects to promote her plan and encourage a more eco-friendly city. Although her intentions to turn Paris’ environmental stance around seem promising, Hidalgo has also received backlash, especially from local motorists and taxi cab drivers believing her concern for climate change is elitist and an inconvenience to the entire city. With this criticism though, Hidalgo continues to prepare for the upcoming election with her plan for urban forests triumphing her campaign, and looks to carry out this policy if elected for her second term.

#ThankYouJill: USWNT Head Coach, Jill Ellis, Celebrates Her Final Match

On Sunday, Jill Ellis ended her career as the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) manager with a 1-1 draw against South Korea in a victory tour match. Ellis leaves behind a remarkable legacy for women’s soccer, coaching more USWNT games in history with 132 international games. Not only did she end her career with a 17-game winning streak, but she is the only coach to win two women’s World Cups. Ellis set the national team up for success, motivating a World Cup goal scoring record in 2019 with 26 goals and most notably, never losing a single World Cup match. Fans of soccer all around the world and especially in the U.S. took to Twitter this weekend with #ThankYouJill to demonstrate appreciation towards the Women’s national team’s success and to honor Ellis’ amazing career.