Ask Mama Mozzone

Emily Mozzone, Author

Giving advice of any kind.

Q: Mama, what are we going to do without you?

A: Hey there stranger.
I promise you’ll survive without me! If you’re ever in need of advice, I’ll still be available at my Seattle University email ([email protected]). Just because I’m a mama with a degree now doesn’t mean I’m too busy to answer people who need advice. Good luck in your studies, before you know it, you’ll be graduated too!


A: I LOVE YOU TOO, BABE! <3 Let me give you some classic Mama life advice: be sure to know your worth, try hard in school, do your best to get a side job or internship in something you want to do long term, and if you truly feel like you’ve dedicated too much, don’t be afraid to say no to jobs or other favors.

Q: Who WILL you miss the most?

A: Tough to say… since I’m not leaving Seattle, I can catch up with people anytime. But I think the thing I’ll miss the most is class with Naomi Kasumi. I’ve really made friends for life in the Digital Design Class of 2019, I hope you have the chance to make lifelong friends, too!

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