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Q: Mama, my name is Smalec Blowning and I’m building a gaming PC. What parts should I get?

Have fun, Smalec 😉

Q: Mama, how are you preparing for graduation?

A: I’ve been applying to a ton of jobs in the hopes that something will stick! Now’s the time to really start putting yourself out there and applying, applying, applying. If you’re living on campus, be sure to set something up for moving off campus. Lastly, start thinking about where you want to put down your roots. Now’s your chance to move somewhere different, take that chance if it speaks to you!

Q: What happens after we die, Mama?

A: Rudy the Redhawk carries us all to a better place than the week before dead week, dear reader. Or, maybe you can ask your real mom about it instead of my uneducated opinion. Good luck on your journey for knowledge, reader.

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