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Ammi’s Pakwan | Halal Food

The taste of the Pakwan is definitely authentic. It was a mixture of my personal taste and maybe the late time that I decided to go to the Indian/Pakistani restaurant that made classify it as mediocre. I personally don’t have a lot of experience with Indian food, and that’s why I’m trying not to go too hard on this critique, but I’m sure you can find better. We had the Eftaar buffet, designed for Muslims breaking their fast for Ramadan, and it was overpriced to say the least (at $15) but it wasn’t terrible. If you decide to go the Indian Tandoori Chicken is something to definitely try out, but neither me nor my Muslim friend are going back.

The restaurant itself was pretty clean, but I still had brush off some bread crumbs off the table before we sat down. I don’t mind doing so, but I know several people who would be not very happy with that. The service was also lacking predisposition to attend to our needs as customers. We had to get up and take our own cups, water and utensils. I know this is usually what happens in a buffet setting, but we weren’t really “looked after” as clients. Other than that, the buffet items started running out and they were not being replaced at all until they actually started taking the items away even though there were still people trying to get more out of the buffet. If you are a die hard Indian/Pakistani food lover and live on campus I would say go check it out. If not, I would not really recommend it.

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