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Aloha Cup Bap

Coming from Hawaii, I always enjoy getting a little taste of home. The top two things I order are the Kalua Pig Bowl or the Hawaiian breakfast, both of which are absolutely delicious. The meat is always well cooked, but retains full flavor. It’s a decent amount of food for the price, considering the fact that the bowls aren’t all that expensive. A bonus is that they serve the Aloha Made juices which are a local staple in Hawaii. Overall, the food to dollar ratio is great, considering you are getting food that is made with a recipe that has been passed down through the family and well worth the price.

The ambiance is great – it’s quiet enough to study and hangout, but there is always music playing. They have chargers at the counters so you can plug in your laptop or phone, which is a very considerate gesture. The restaurant is located across 12th Street from Bellarmine Hall, so it is incredibly close to campus. This is definitely more of a lunch spot, as they close pretty early in the evening. The staff is very friendly and always able to answer any questions you may have.

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