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Q: Hi Mama, I broke up with my partner recently and they’re taking it really really hard. They’ve been reaching out to our mutual friends and texting me non-stop, and I don’t know how to make them back off.

A: The best thing you can do is further distance yourself from ‘em. Block their number and tell your friends if they text them, they should block ‘em, too. Block on social media, etc. Eventually, your ex will run out of friends to contact and will be out of your life. You’ll just have to go through a few weeks of discomfort, unfortunately. Good luck!

Q: Mama, I want to get my own mama a gift as great and magical as she is, but I’m a broke college student and also only have like 4 days?

A: Quick last minute gifts for mom:

For the sentimental mom: a long-written handmade card, a “What I Love About Mom” fill in journal, try to draw her, write a song about her, make her a mixtape.

For the mom with refined taste: gold or sterling silver jewelry from Nordstrom Rack, potted plants in a fancy pot, luxury makeup, gift card to a nice restaurant.

For the stay-in rather than go-out mom: a movie basket filled with snacks, movies, and a cozy blanket, a weighted or heated blanket, a soft stuffed animal that reminds her of you.

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