Tennis Makes a Racket at the WAC Tournament



Women’s Tennis

The Redhawks began their Western Athletic Conference (WAC) tournament in Brownsville, Texas against a familiar opponent; the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) Kangaroos. Going into the tournament, Seattle University was the number six seed while UMKC was the number three seed.

The tournament consisted of three rounds: the first round, semifinals, and finals. The pressure was on as this gave the Redhawks little to no room for error.

Sophomore Hannah Gianan and Senior Lily-Ana Kreutzer began the first round against UMKC in a heated doubles match. However, the pair was unable to take down the Roos and eventually were defeated by a final score of 2-6.

The second doubles match proved difficult as well. First-year Hannah Grossman and Sophomore Kyra Jung fought hard, though were also unable to secure the win with a final score of 4-6.

Junior Kali McCollister and First- year Jillian Rasmussen’s doubles match was left unfinished as UMKC had already secured the doubles point. However, when the match was called, McCollister and Rasmussen were ahead 5-4.

The overall doubles point then went to UMKC with two wins. The singles matches commenced soon after.

Expectations were high for McCollister after earning a WAC Women’s Singles Player of the Week for earlier this year. She did not disappoint, and was able to defeat her opponent 6-4, 6-3. This earned McCollister a victory and secured the only point of the day for the Redhawks.

Kreutzer gave her opponent a match to remember though she eventually lost 5-7, 4-6. Rasmussen had a tough start to her singles match, though came back for revenge in the last part. Unfortunately, she was unable to secure the point with a final score of 1-6, 5-7. First-year Alisa Sabotic put in a great effort to her singles match, though admitted defeat with final match scores of 3-6, 1-6.

Gianan and Jung were unable to complete their matches as UMKC had already secured their victory.

Gianan’s match was called at a score of 6-7, 4-3. Jung was in a brutal back and forth struggle when her match was called at 2-6, 6-1, 0-3.

The Redhawks lost the first round of the WAC Tournament with a final score of 1-4 against UMKC and were unable to continue in the tournament.

Men’s Tennis

The Men’s team also faced UMKC in the first round of the WAC Tournament. The Seattle U team again was the six seed while UMKC was the three seed.

The doubles matches proved a challenge for the Redhawks. Sophomore Colton Weeldreyer and Junior Arshak Ghazaryan started things off in a heated match though were unable to prevail with a final score of 3-6.

Despite putting up an impressive fight, Junior Alex Chan and First-year Billy Givens-Jensen were also unable to secure the win in their doubles match with a final score of 3-6.

With these two defeats in the doubles matches, Sophomore Emilio Monroy and Junior Adrian Alvarez- Sanabria were unable to finish their match as it was called off. However, at the time their match was called off, the pair was ahead 4-3. UMKC earned the doubles point as they won the first two matches.

The singles matches proved even tougher for the Redhawks, only being able to finish three of their six matches before the round was called. Chan’s singles match was complete first. Chan put up a great effort, though was unable to take down his opponent. The match ended with a final score of 2-6, 3-6.

Alvarez-Sanabria and Givens- Jensen had similar matches, eventually admitting defeat with scores of 0-6, 2-6 and 3-6, 1-6 respectively.

With the conclusion of these matches, the remaining singles matches were called as UMKC had won the majority already.

Monroy was performing admirably in his match, coming out strong with a score of 5-7 in the beginning and 1-4 at the time it was called. Despite having a rocky start of 0-6 in his singles match, Ghazaryan was able to secure a lead of 5-4 before his match was called as well.

Weeldreyer was in the middle of an intense battle when his match was called with a score of 6-7.

The round eventually went to UMKC with a final score of 0-4. After suffering this disappointing defeat, the Redhawks were no longer in the tournament and headed home.

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