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Sizzle Pie Pizza

JP Hill:
Located just north of campus, Sizzle Pie is a unique pizza joint with a very “Seattle” vibe. They have a great variety of options from vegan to full-on carnivore’s delight. I generally get the “Ace of Spades” a.k.a. pepperoni pizza. The portions are somewhat sizable, and the pizza is always tasty, but I do find that I have to get a few slices to feel full. The price is decent, but not the most cost-effective. I would say the ratio of food to money is good for a once in a while visit, but not something I would recommend eating at frequently as it is a $15+ meal. Every time we’ve been to Sizzle Pie, we’ve encountered obscure, but entertaining situations. There’s an apparent never-ending amount of it because it’s open until 3:00 AM on weekdays and 4:00 AM on weekends.

Joshua Scoggin:
Sizzle Pie is an interesting place, especially after midnight when the bars around Capitol Hill start getting busy on the weekend. If you are looking for a diverse and out of this sane world experience Sizzle Pie is the place to be at.

With a very youthful environment, loud music playing and decently friendly staff, Sizzle Pie offers not only high-quality pizza, but an experience you won’t forget.

Their menu is constantly changing, so try not to get attached to any particular kind of pizza.

In terms of cleanliness, Sizzle Pie for me falls on maybe a three out of five, but I would still highly recommend it.

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