“Santa Clarita Diet” Did Not Deserve to be Cancelled

Netflix has quite a large catalog of original content, some of it is mediocre and pretty cringey to get through, and other times Netflix hits the nail right on the head. The show “Santa Clarita Diet” is a Netflix original that was on pitch every single episode. However, the show has met its fate as it was just cancelled this past week…is Netflix crazy?

This show admittedly sounds ridiculous. Drew Barrymore stars as Sheila Hammond, a realtor mom in the suburbs of Santa Clarita, California with her realtor husband, Joel, played by Timothy Olyphant. The Hammonds are just a regular family, until Sheila becomes violently ill and throws up. After some serious experimenting, the Hammonds figure out Sheila is “undead” or for a lack of better words, a zombie. Sheila and Joel must figure out how to accommodate for Sheila’s new lifestyle in the sanest way someone could accommodate for a zombie while the Hammonds still try to live a family life.

Yes, okay it sounds a bit weird and overdone. Another zombie bit? I get it, but really, this is not your average zombie show. AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and “Santa Clarita Diet” are in completely different territories of television. “Santa Clarita Diet” has it all: comedy, drama, romance, morality, a little bit of gore, and cute actors. Can it get any better than that? Look, all I’m saying is there are so many shows that did not deserve to continue while “Santa Clarita Diet” gets the hatchet. “Santa Clarita Diet” was even a three-season show, that proves that people enjoyed it enough for the show to be a lasting and worthwhile show.

However, the show can’t just end after the third season finale. It just can’t. I waited for three seasons to find out the answer to one of the most interesting storylines in the show, and now I will never know. Normally, I would only be slightly irritated by having a season end on a cliffhanger, but it would be okay, because there would be another season to follow, but this time I just got played by Netflix. This is not the first time Netflix has dropped a show despite being popular with fans. The streaming company cancelled Sense 8, but because of the disappointment that the fans had, Netflix released a movie style ‘episode,’ that essentially gave the show a proper send off and closure for the fans. “Santa Clarita Diet” deserves a better ending than just dying on a cliffhanger.

Michaela Moore, Staff Writer