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Q: I really have to pee but I don’t wanna walk to the bathroom 🙁 What do….. 🙁

A: You could not prank Mama with fake questions >:(

Q: I have a lot to do, but I also feel like I need to relax. How do I kick back a little without completely avoiding my responsibilities?

A: If it’s a little over one week back from spring break AND Easter and you’re already really stressed again, you’re doing too much, plain and simple. You need to cut back and quit something. I guarantee it’s not just school stressing you out like this, I bet you have other jobs or clubs or sports. Make a list of everything during your week – homework time, school time, calling your mom time, any obligations. Make sure these don’t go over 40-45 hours, and if they do, you’re doing TOO much! Cut back! If you aren’t able to (like perhaps you need to work 40 hours a week to pay your bills), I like to be very conscious of how I use my free time. I can find myself scrolling mindlessly on Tumblr or Facebook, and before I know it, a full hour has passed with me doing something I only marginally enjoy. Instead, actively choose to do something you like. Watch your favorite YouTuber, bake something, play a video game, take 30 minutes to exercise. You’ll feel like your free time lasts three times as long, I swear it.

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