The Six Block Situation



8oz. Burger & Co.

JP Hill:
I ordered the classic burger with fries and was beyond impressed with the quality of the food, as well as the presentation. The burger was pretty large, and when paired with the fries it was a more than sufficient amount of food. The price of the meal though was my only gripe with the restaurant, as my tab came out to $18. For a fun night out with friends every once in a while, sure this makes sense, #TreatYoSelf. But for just another dinner place to spice up the average week of eating C-Street and Bistro meals, not the most justifiable on a college budget.

Joshua Scoggin:
The restaurant is located really close to campus, about a block north of the IHOP. I recommend this restaurant to anyone who is trying to go out with friends, maybe a girls/boys night out…

The best time to go is definitely on a weekend night if you really want the full experience though. The downside is that it’s usually pretty packed for dinner time so you should give them a call a couple of hours beforehand to make sure you have a seat. I wouldn’t really recommend 8oz. as a place to take your date, unless you’re into having dates in super loud crowded spaces. Lunch hour is usually pretty empty, and the service is way faster, and the food is just as amazing, but it definitely feels kinda awkward. The service is always awesome, and the restaurant is decently clean. 100% give this restaurant a try!

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