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Admissions Scandal Prompts Internal Investigation at Seattle U


Seattle University initiated an internal investigation on March 19 into how admissions are conducted in order to clear the school of any unethical or illegal practices in light of the national college admissions scandal.

This internal investigation came after the FBI concluded its own eight-year investigation of colleges across the country, including several prestigious schools such as Yale and Harvard. Parents bribed school officials in exchange for admission of their children. Those charged in the FBI investigation had their children admitted to universities by bribing administrators to allow cheating on entrance exams or by bribing athletics coaches to recommend unqualified students to join university sports teams.


Seattle U said that their investigation was purely cautionary and an attempt by the university to avoid being blindsided should any issues arise in the future. Other schools across that nation have initiated similar investigations in an attempt to take a closer look at the members of their staff and avoid litigation.

University President Father Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J. announced the investigation on March 19 in an email to the university community. He maintained that there is no reason to believe that there were any issues in admissions, but he still offered students a confidential line to report any suspected unethical practices.

“The integrity of Seattle University’s admissions process is central to our mission and values. Our policies and procedures reflect a commitment to a process that is ethical, fair, transparent and professional,” Sundborg said in the email. “Applications of students are carefully reviewed through a holistic approach that considers many factors.”

According to Sarah Finney, the assistant director for strategic communications for Athletics, Seattle U maintains integrity in its athletic recruits.

“Along with many others across the nation, we are watching this story unfold in the news and it serves as a good reminder for the need for clear processes and systems of control,” Finney said.

The Department of Admissions declined to comment on the investigation, as it is ongoing.

Media Relations Specialist Dean Forbes said that the investigation was being performed as a cautionary measure and affirmed his confidence in Seattle U admissions in an email statement to The Spectator.

“We have high confidence in the integrity, fairness, transparency, and professionalism of our admissions practices and policies. The review is a prudent step just to be sure we are in line with these values and standards, and something we initiated following the recent news coverage of the nationwide admissions scandal,” Forbes said in the statement.

The internal investigation is ongoing, and results are expected in the next several weeks, according to Forbes.

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