Time Out Session: Hometown Hero Makes His Mark At Seattle U



Sofía Muro-Wells, Managing Editor

In his first season with Seattle University’s Men’s Basketball Team, Terrell Brown of Seattle has racked up an impressive resume. After transferring from Shoreline Community College, the redshirt sophomore ended the season with an average of 13.6 points per game, 6.1 rebounds per game, and two consecutive Western Athletic Conference Player of the Week awards. The communications and journalism major has hopes of becoming a sports broadcaster after his basketball career, and was able to take a chance to sit down with the Spectator to reflect on his successful season.

SW: What has been the biggest transition in the last year going from Shoreline to a D1 team?

TB: I think it’s just the same game honestly. I think it’s about confidence, how much confidence you have in yourself to be able to do things on the court. You put the work in and you work hard so that when the opportunity comes you can seize the moment. Maybe last year there weren’t as many players that could do a lot of things well, but now this year a lot of people can do a lot of things well so you’ve gotta adjust. Everybody’s good and you can’t go light on one game and then pick games to choose if you want to play hard or not.

SW: How did it feel to be named WAC player of the week?

TB: Honestly I didn’t know it was coming until I was on my phone. I saw it on Twitter, I was in bed like ‘this can’t kind of be true’ and then I saw it on Instagram and I was like dang it’s actually true. I was surprised, but I give all the credit to my teammates because they trusted me in those games and this whole season—actually since the season started—they trusted me to perform at a high level so when I did back last year at Shoreline. So they put a lot of trust in me, even the coaching staff, to play at this high level. It was a big moment in my life because that doesn’t happen everyday.

SW: How has it been settling into the new team?

TB: We’re all really close, we all enjoy each other’s company. We’re all unique in our own ways so we all have fun.

SW: Has there been any specific game that was really tough or that you’re really proud of?

TB: I think honestly even though we lost, we went to New Mexico State and we played them really well and they’re a very good team. They already clenched the first seat in our division and everything. In that game we showed we’re still a good team, we’re still tough and we’re not going to give up and back down from anybody. The New Mexico State game at New Mexico State was a game that was like, even though we lost it was something to look forward to, we’re still a very good team even though we lost.

SW: What are your goals for the rest of the season?

TB: When we get into the WAC tournament we’ll hopefully win and make it to the NCAA tournament. We’re still all young, we have no seniors on our team so there’s no senior night. We just want to compete at a high level and then show everybody that we’re going to be the same team next year, even better next year.

SW: Do you have a favorite NBA team or player?

TB: My favorite player is Kevin Durant, so any team he’s on that would be my favorite team. Right now he’s on the Warriors so I’m a huge Warriors fan.

SW: How do you feel about Steph Curry?

TB: Love him too, he’s with Kevin Durant. It used to hurt my heart when they’d play each other because I like Steph a lot but I was just a big Kevin Durant fan.

SW: Do you have a team you’d want to play for? Or just wherever Kevin Durant is?

TB: No, I would play against him or something…Just being in the NBA is a blessed opportunity so I wouldn’t complain about anywhere I’m going because it’s like it doesn’t happen to everybody.

SW: Do you have a favorite spot to eat in Seattle?

TB: I have a thing for the Madison Park Bakery, they have these chocolate chip cookies. I have to go at least once, maybe twice, maybe three times a week. But food-wise Chick-fil-A for sure. That’s probably my favorite spot, everybody knows that too though, even players on the team.

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