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Q: I’m bisexual and I have this group of friends and we’re all guys. Recently though, I kinda grew to like one of them and we used to never talk to each other alone and stuff but he started showing signs?? (Maybe) and Ive always had this suspicion he was either gay/bi but like it might be coz I want him to be? Hes rlly nice and recently he kind of goes out of his way to like hang out w me or like play games he doesnt even usually play. So im like How do I confirm? Should i confess?? If yes, when is a good time?? LOL and if he says yes then wat omg idk

A: I wouldn’t go straight to confessing here, unless you’re sure he’s attracted to men as well. Unfortunately straight guys can get defensive in situations like this. Does he know you’re bi? That’s the first thing I would tell him. Please keep in mind that the things you’ve said are all things normal friends do with each other… so just be a little more confident before you confess. If he says yes, then you date!

Q: help!! I’m 22 and I’ve never had a real romantic relationship but I’m beginning to think there’s some chemistry between me and a close friend. I’ve never confessed my feelings to anyone and I know rejections happen and can be helpful but I’d like to know if there’s any tips you have for testing the waters to see if the feelings are mutual before I risk it for the biscuit.

A: I’d honestly start by asking if they would ever consider dating a friend and seeing if they’re open to it. If they’re smart, they may even take this as a hint, if they’re dense, then no worries if they say they wouldn’t date a friend. I think if your friend really is close to you, then you should be able to just bring it up with them. If they reject you, it’ll hurt, but mature and true friends should be able to move on from it together. It also gives you the freedom to pursue other romantic interests and stop being hung up on them, if the answer is negative. I hope they’re into you too, though. Good luck, my friend <3

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