A Letter to the Editor

Guest Writer, Author

Dear Anna and contributing writers to The Spectator,

I was saddened to hear of the accusations against our Provost Shane Martin and I was taken aback by the tone of the article that appeared in the Spectator. The questions that the Spectator asked seemed to imply that the Provost is guilty of the accusations:

“…is Seattle U planning to conduct an internal investigation of Dr. Martin’s use of funds since he has arrived at Seattle U, and will Dr. Martin remain at Seattle U? “

As a non-exempt staff person, I have felt for the first time uplifted by the upper administration with Provost Shane Martin’s presence here on our campus, through the interactions I have had with him in open forums.

Now I have a fear that these accusations in particular with the inflammatory tone of the Spectator article will cause unfair bias toward the Provost. Though this is a difficult development, I encourage the campus community to maintain a fair and neutral stance until these legal issues have been resolved.

Rosie Sabaric, Academic Program Coordinator