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Thank God It’s Finally Pisces SZN

Well folks, at the moment that I’m writing to you on Friday afternoon, it’s still #AquariusSZN, but by the time this column reaches you, that dreadful hell will be behind us, and #PiscesSZN will be upon us.

[sidenote: #AquariusSZN is objectively the #worstSZN of them all—that’s not me talking, that’s the astrological scholars talking. Don’t @ me.]

That being said, the sun’s transit through the sign of Aquarius from Jan. 20–Feb. 18 wasn’t all bad. The sun is detriment at that time, meaning that identity, represented by the sun, is weakened by Aquarius. Astrologers defined this through astronomical measurements, but on a symbolic level, it has to do with Aquarius being the “equalizer” of the zodiac—it seeks community, equality, and it subverts individual desires for the sake of the greater good.

While this energy brings difficulties for the individualistic Sun, it also brings egalitarian attitudes and communal desires. It makes for ideological growth and strong political advocacy. The sign of Aquarius also makes us feel much more deeply connected to the people around us.


With Aquarius season behind us, we prepare for the emotional and vulnerable ride that Pisces brings us, and we started off on Feb. 19 with a bang—a full moon in Virgo.

A full moon is the time of the month when the Sun (in Pisces) is directly opposed to the Moon (in Virgo) in opposite signs. This brings a conflict between our identity, represented by the Sun, and our deep emotional needs, represented by the Moon.

The lunar cycle of each month in each sign calls for growth in a different area of our lives. Pisces season in particular is a call for us to draw boundaries with those around us.

Pisces, as a sign, seeks to empathize with others, but in doing so, it can detach from its own real problems, take ownership of others’ emotions, and lose sight of its own responsibilities. The sun’s transit through Pisces brings this to the forefront of all of us, regardless of sign—not just my fellow fishes.

The full moon in Virgo accentuated this struggle and made it uncomfortable. On Feb. 19, coming into Feb. 20, we may have felt the desire to dissolve into others and save them from their problems, but this desire was unhealthy. Others’ problems are others’ problems; we can do our best to support our loved ones, but ultimately we cannot lose sight of their self-responsibility.

While we still feel the effects of this full moon on Feb. 20, the full moon is behind us, and thus, our aim is to use that discomfort for growth throughout this lunar cycle. The full moon may have been uncomfortable, but it was also illuminating; we can use our greater awareness to direct growth over the next month.

So, during the sun’s trip through the sign of Pisces, we need to be conscious of our own personal limits in our explorations of empathy and emotional healing. Understand how others are feeling through empathy and deep connection, and help them in their healing when you feel called do so and when they ask it of you. And, at the same time, don’t let their emotions become your own, and don’t let them defeat you and overwhelm you.

Beyond this full moon, we may feel the effects of Mercury square Jupiter on Feb. 22. At this time, it will be important to watch how much we’re speaking—this transit lends to mansplaining and exaggeration. If you’re having an important conversation with someone, make sure that you’re listening as much as you’re speaking, and if you’re arguing, it’s even more important to really listen to what the other person’s saying.

This all being said, there will also be a few easier transits this week, bringing breakthroughs with regard to what you value on Feb. 22 and with your friendships and beliefs on Feb. 23. My advice is just to make sure that you notice those transits—many of the easy transits will slip past you if you don’t realize that they’re there.

Push through the problems and feel the relief when it gets easier; in that way, you can make the most of the experiences you’re given.

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