Seattle Says Farewell To The Viaduct With 8k And Bike Ride



Myrea Mora, Editor-in-Chief

Seattle said its final farewell to the Alaskan Way Viaduct this past weekend as a variety of events were held that the community participated in. The events were also a way for locals to get a glimpse of the SR 99 Tunnel before its opening.

Saturday, Feb. 2, the farewell began with an 8K run that anyone could partake in after registering online.

Following the run was a free walking tour. Seattle residents could get on the viaduct and take advantage of the view while festivities took place and music was played. Individuals could also sign up to view the tunnel before it is opened for vehicle use.

Jessie Redden, an attendee of the event, took this opportunity to spend quality time with her family as she frequently drove along the viaduct and her family was sad that they would no longer be able to appreciate the breathtaking view.

“My daughter, husband, and I have always loved the view driving on the viaduct, and I was feeling nostalgic about it, so I looked up any events going on to say goodbye to it and I found this,” Redden said.

On Sunday, Feb. 3, activities began early, at 8 a.m. for anyone who wanted to bike along the viaduct. Tickets were $40 per cyclist and the route was 12.5 miles.

The meeting grounds for those participating were located on 6th Ave. N and Harrison Street—two blocks east of the Space Needle. From the meeting location, the route continued to the tunnel where those who signed up got the opportunity to view it before it is opened to the public. It then ended with a ride along the viaduct.

Svetlana Titova, a biker who has biked for the last four years as a personal extracurricular activity, thought the event would be a fun opportunity.

“It seemed like a cool opportunity to be one of the first people in the tunnel and the last on the viaduct,” Titova said.

Cate Oliver, another biker, was dressed in an 80’s inspired outfit and was eager to begin the ride with her friends who were also dressed up and ready to take on the route. Her outfit sported bright colors and she wore a neon pink wig to match her shorts which were worn over bright green leggings.

“I’m thrilled to see the viaduct go away because it’s been a hazard and the only positive thing that goes on is the beautiful view, so we get to enjoy it one last time.”

Cyclists, runners, families, and anyone who wanted to say farewell to the viaduct had an amazing opportunity to do so this weekend and those who took advantage of it left their mark on the viaduct, which had been open since 1953. Soon, locals will be able to build new memories with the SR 99 Tunnel.

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