Seattle U Students’ Guide To Free Workout Classes



For some college students seeking to increase their weekly exercise, a tight budget and busy schedule is the main hindrance. For others, it can be hard to find motivation and yet for others, it comes down to finding the right workout facility. Luckily, Seattle University is located centrally on Capitol Hill and is surrounded by a variety of workout facilities all with something unique to offer.

Right on campus is Seattle U’s very own Redhawk Center. The fitness facility offers workout classes multiple times a day by certified UREC fitness instructors. All students need to do is pay a $5 yearly fee and they have unlimited access to the workout classes.

Aside from the on-campus fitness facility, there are many other fun, different types of workout classes. Foundation Crossfit can be found next to the Ferrari Store on 12th Ave.

Foundation Crossfit offers crossfit, non-crossfit, personal training, nutrition counseling, and more. They also offer a free trial class for first-time athletes. Check out their online calendar for their free “Community Crossfit Classes” to try one of their workouts today.

Under the Douglas apartments, right across from the field, is Live, Love, Flow—a business that offers cycle and yoga classes. They have a special one-week free unlimited pass for first-time athletes. With this pass, you can experience the different yoga and cycling classes they offer throughout the day, seven days a week.

Emerald City Trapeze Arts is another business that offers free trials, just for a different kind of workout. They offer free trial aerial silks class for newcomers. Aerial silks is a form of acrobatics where performers do a variety of tricks while hanging from fabric.

The workout class is designed to teach beginners the basics of aerial silks, but also challenge the body through strength and flexibility.

Junior Nursing major Maddie Twight is a former aerial silks class attendee.

“I started going because they had a free class and I wanted to try something new, fun, and exciting,” Twight said. “The first time I went, we did things like learning how to tie knots that hold you up when you are in the air, how to balance on them, and how to position yourself to protect your joints. It wasn’t a lot of tricks but was a hard-enough workout and helped for the classes following.”

On the corner of Jefferson and 12th Ave., Arcaro Boxing is located next to Nate’s Wings and Waffles. Arcaro offers a free trial class for those interested in boxing. Arcaro offers classes for all levels of boxers.

OrangeTheory Fitness also offers a free trial class to those interested in their facility.

Junior Criminal Justice major Ashley Seebold is a current member at OrangeTheory.

“I really enjoy seeing how my body and heart work in relation to exercise and intensities. It has made me realize what areas of my body are more fit versus others,” Seebold said.

OrangeTheory offers one-hour workout classes led by an instructor who puts you through an entire workout that rotates between weights, treadmill, and rowers.

They track your heart rate with a heart rate monitor so you can explicitly see how many calories you are burning, what your current heart rate is, and how hard your body is currently working.

“I also like the coaches because they push you, but not in an overpowering and aggressive way, like other typical gyms,” Seebold said.

Free trial classes are a great way to experiment with different types of workouts and find a class or environment you truly feel comfortable in.

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