KXSU Holds Second Annual Benefit Concert: Winterfest



“As someone who does not go to concerts, I really enjoyed my time to discover locals bands.”

Alex Bucio, a first year, engineering major, had won tickets for Winterfest at Casino Night. As just one of the student attendees that were at the event, he got to experience the bands that were playing, including La Fille, Coach Phillips, Donormaal, and I///U.

La Fille was the first band that came onto the stage for the concert, and while the crowd started out a bit small, the size of it swelled as people started to hear the music and come by for the concert. It was a wonderful indie rock band that had an honest sound and lyrics that got the concert started off with a bit of a bang.

Jessica Kim, female vocalist for the band Coach Phillips, sings unreleased music at the KXSU Winterfest in Campion Ballroom.

The next band that came up was Coach Philips, which shared some members with La Fille after some band members exited the stage they came immediately back to play. The drummer of La Fille even changed instruments and played guitar for Coach Phillips. It was similar in tone with it being an indie rock band. They exuded a more mellow vibe compared to La Filles energetic tand punkish feel. It did carry some strong guitar riffs that were pleasant to listen to, and paired with the clear lyrics and catchy chorus created a unique sound from the sister band, La Fille.

Donormaal was a rap artist who seemed to have the crowd split. Some people in the crowd seemed to know the artist and be familiar with her work, but when transitioning from the indie rock bands to a significantly different genre some people were not as enthused by the artist, including Bucio.

“I thought it was strange that there was such a large change in the genre during the event.”

Overall the artist had strong beats with interesting and creative lyrics that seemed to set her apart from other rap artists, showing both her chops as an indie singer and why she has a cult following in the Seattle area.

The final band was the University of Washington based neo-soul group I///U. The band seemed to really get the crowd going with some of the best crowd interaction of the night as well as a sound that was both surprisingly smooth and yet energizing at the same time. They drew the crowd in close with their set, which included some covers, as well as original songs.

Lily Rodriguez, a psychology major with a philosophy minor, and the music director for the event, agreed. “My favorite act was the last band, I///U, a jazzy ensemble made up of UW students. Their sound resembled a neo-soul, jazz fusion reminiscent of hiatus kaiyote (who they actually performed a cover of) and besides bass, guitar, and drums, they also featured a horn section and a singer who channeled her inner Amy Winehouse. They also played a few Kali Uchis songs so that stole the show as far as I’m concerned.”


Maya Jamaleddine and Jeanne O’Flaherty host the musical guests and raffle contest for the KXSU Winterfest in Campion Ballroom.

When asked more about the event Rodriguez talked about how organized the event was. It was very important for the team that they were able to help showcase local bands through Winterfest.

“This year, the bands were all local artists and were super down to earth people. A few of them had connections to the Seattle house show scene and we’re excited to see each other play. There was a fun sense of community in the event that felt very Seattle.”

The proceeds of Winterfest were also important as they helped support the charity Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets, or (PSKS). The organization helps to provide shelter for people, but especially kids that face homelessness, in the Capitol Hill area.

“I think by supporting homeless youth PSKS is a worthy cause and I feel honored to have helped them out. All the proceeds from the concert are going straight to PSKS so the organization can help fund their programs.”

This was only the second Winterfest that KXSU has put on and after such a great event going to a good cause, Rodriguez said that there will definitely be one next year.

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