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Q: Hi Mama,
I’m currently behind in all of my classes, and even the thought of trying to do homework makes me feel so overwhelmed and terrible that I just shut down. This happens to me every quarter and every quarter I say I’m going to do better but I never do. My mental health is terrible because of school. I don’t even know where to start…

A: My biggest savior was getting a planner. I set out tasks that I have to do during the day, and I only let
myself rest once all of them are complete. I always give myself only an hour or two of extra work every day, so I don’t burn myself out. A lot of people’s fatal mistake is doing a TON of work at the beginning of the quarter, then getting too tired to finish strong. A quarter is a marathon, pace yourself. Additionally, really ask yourself what homework is beneficial to your grade and learning. Is that optional video REALLY
worth it? Do what’s most important first then finish everything else last.

Q: I’ve gotten sick… I have so much to do this week, and I always put things off when I’m sick. With finals coming up, I’m not sure how to stay on top of everything.

A: DayQuil, buddy. I’m also really weak in that way. I work myself pretty hard, and the second something goes wrong I just want to sleep and watch TV. Take cold medicine, power through, then spend our sweet, sweet month of break sleeping it off.

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