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Q: How do I tell my privileged white friend that everything she says is problematic?

A: I’ll keep it real with you, she may cry. White girls are often raised to think that their problems can be solved or avoided by crying, even if this isn’t intentionally taught. However, if she’s really your friend, she’ll be critical of herself and listen to what you have to say. I’ve been corrected on my behavior and ways of thinking before, and it takes a lot of self-reflection to move past it. We’re young, it’s a time to learn and grow. Good luck!

Q: I keep waking up with friends of friends. How do I stop?

A: Just… don’t do it?

Q: Today my friend told me I wasn’t a true gamer. How do I cope?

A: All games are true games. If you’re passionate about playing games, whether they’re on your phone or on your PC, you can be a gamer. However… I will say that title has some negative (nerdy/pretentious) connotations. Maybe just say you enjoy playing games instead of forming an identity around it.

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