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Q: So I’m having some roommate difficulties…she’s great and all, but she has a nasty smell, and it’s not the kind that deodorant can fix, if you catch my drift. I don’t want to be rude but I don’t know how to tell her she stanks.

A: By “not the kind deodorant can fix,” do you mean a medical disorder or something? If she does, I honestly wouldn’t say anything and just put up with it. I’m sure she’s a lot more conscious of it than you.

If by your above comment you mean… downstairs, I’d tell her she needs to see a doctor. That zone doesn’t typically smell
strong enough for others to notice unless a yeast infection or other issue is going on. Tell her you’re worried and she needs to
take care of herself! Leaving reproductive issues left untouched for a long time can cause permanent issues.

Q: I have a friend, and there is definitely mutual attraction. Neither of us is in a place to be in a relationship right now… how do you navigate a friendship like this? We keep going in “will we or won’t we” circles.

A: To me, this relationship sounds tiring. I’ve been friends with people who I am attracted to and would date if
not already in a relationship, but it’s easy to navigate if both people are confident that there will never be anything
more than a platonic relationship. But if lines keep getting crossed and there are no true barriers, I’d analyze: does this
person mean a lot to you? If you want to save the relationship, make sure you create some clear expectations. You’ll both
be a lot happier if you aren’t always wondering “what would happen if we dated?”

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