NBA Finals: Golden State v. LeBron

It’s finals season here at Seattle University, but we aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure—basketball fans are gripping to their seats as the two best teams in the league face off in this year’s NBA Finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers of the Eastern conference and the Golden State Warriors of the West have now played two games in their best of seven series, and the battle has been intense. The Warriors, however, have won both games, leaving Cavs (and particularly LeBron) fans devastated and angry—but the latter is aimed most at J.R Smith.

Yes, J.R Smith, one of the Cav’s biggest stars, cost the Cavalier’s the first game with his inexplicable dribble to half court in the last few seconds of the game. The game was close the whole time. Fans eyes were glued to the court as the lead weaved between the teams play after play.

Stephen Curry would hit a three and LeBron would single-handedly truck through the paint for a shot shortly after. In fact, LeBron scored 51 of the Cav’s 112 points, marking a record-breaking night for the legend. He nearly matched them in assists too, but in the end the Cavs crumbled under the machine that are the Warriors—once again proving that one man does not make a team.

The loss was tough to watch for anyone who can appreciate the sheer raw talent of an undisputed legend like Lebron. Fans took to twitter to blame J.R after he seemingly forgot the game was tied as the clock ran out against his own team, completely ignoring the fact that George Hill’s simple free throw in the last few seconds would’ve given the Cavs the necessary lead to avoid the heartbreaking loss they suffered in overtime. Indeed, the Warriors were not the only winners the first Finals game; LeBron played with unmatched skill and intensity and Hill managed to save face and avoid the rage of the fans.

After 15 lead changes and 17 ties during game one, the Warriors left no room for failure in game two. Golden State led the game the entire time, and Stephen Curry propelled them to a victory with his nine three-pointers—breaking Allen Iverson’s record for three-pointers in an NBA Finals game. Though the Cavaliers fought fiercely, with LeBron scoring 29 and Kevin Love also accruing a double-double, it was not enough to tilt the scales in their favor. The Cavs trailed the whole time and never got closer than five points in the second half. In the end, the Warriors secured yet another Finals game, by a score of 122 to the Cavalier’s 103.

The Warriors may have won a few battles, but the war still rages on. Tune in to the NBA Finals third game on Wednesday, June 6 at 6p.m. PT to catch the rest of the action, and good luck on your own finals!