Letter to the Editor: A response to last week’s feature

Alec and Anna:

Thank you for the great article on our amazing SU custodians!

I have often worried about how they are compensated as I know so many must struggle to keep afloat – as many of us do in the area!

It is truly sad to think that the Administration’s attitude is to step away from the issues with WFF while they require that more and more areas on campus are served by this group. Surely a Jesuit university could do more to become involved in just compensation and adequate staffing numbers for those the university employs! “If not us, then who?”

There has been much talk recently about our “campus culture”. Your insightful investigation has uncovered a dark, closeted secret regarding how we treat those in our midst who are the most in need and the least heard. Shame on us!

Pat Whitney, Executive Coordinator of the College of Science & Engineering