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What it Costs to be a Seattle Sports Fan

Besides the lack of a basketball team, Seattle offers almost every other sport—from the famed Seattle Seahawks to the Seattle Sounders to a potential hockey team. With baseball season currently in swing, you can catch a Mariners game, or gear up for the football season by buying a ticket now. However, with so many incredible sports teams comes high ticket prices.

Within the past 10 years, the Seattle Seahawks have consistently had the biggest rise in ticket prices. Now that the Seahawks have recently won a Super bowl, prices are as high as ever. Tickets have a three to four percent increase every year, and although that’s only around a $10 increase, it quickly adds up.

Today, buying a season pass will cost you $1080 to $4600, depending on where you want your seat. Buying an individual ticket depends on the game you want to attend. The better the opponent, the more expensive the ticket.

The rivalry between the 49ers made its game in 2016 the most expensive home game, with an average price of $502 a ticket. Right now, in presale, you can get a ticket costing $190 to $505 for that same game. In 2016, the prices for Seahawks tickets were the highest in the NFL, even higher than the Patriots and Broncos.

As college students, $500 to see your favorite team is costly. Maggie Dunphy, a Seattle University graduate student and a Seahawks fan explained how being a college student has stopped her from catching a game.

“I have only been to one Seahawks game because of the price, unfortunately,” Dunphy explained. “It definitely discourages me, but won’t as much once I have a better, more consistent income.”

Mariner games are much easier for students to attend. Since 2006, tickets have only cost $20 to $30 a game. This season, the most expensive tickets are around $100, and the cheapest seats are $32 a game. Luckily for college students, Mariners frequently have College Nights with $16 a seat. These tickets also have promotions, allowing you to even score free merchandise if you’re one of the first to arrive.

If we want to watch a winning team, we better be prepared to pay the price to see them. Steve Brown, sophomore track and field athlete, enjoys both the Seahawks and Mariners.

“I like to go to games because of the environment, so I will continue to support Seattle teams when I can by purchasing cheap tickets or winning tickets or someone giving me a ticket,” Brown said. “But if the cost keeps rising, it will be hard to keep attending.”

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