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Time Out Session: Carley Nance named Pitcher of the Week

Carley Nance was named Washington Athletic Club’s (WAC) Pitcher of the Week for the second time this season. A sophomore sports and exercise science major at Seattle University, she is also a pitcher for the women’s softball team. This past week, the team played three games against Utah Valley, the University of Washington (UW) and University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). Against Utah Valley, she allowed just two runs on seven hits. In the game versus UW, Nance threw three innings—giving up just four hits and striking out one. At the series finale against Kansas City, she struck out two and walked none in her second shutout this season.

RK: When did you start playing softball?

CN: As long as I can remember, I think I started T-ball in maybe first grade, and then it progressed from there.

RK: What’s the biggest difference between T-ball, baseball and softball?

CN: T-ball, I mean I was really little. I don’t really remember, it’s kind of where things started. Then, I went to coach-pitch where obviously the coach pitched, and then that went into kid-pitch, and then baseball and then softball.

RK: Did you always want to be pitcher?

CN: I always wanted to. It wasn’t until I was 12 that I was allowed to pitch. I wasn’t very good. So, yeah, I was probably about 12 when I started seriously.

RK: What’s your favorite part about pitching?

CN: Honestly, just the fact that I have a really good team behind me. Feeling so confident is the best part.

RK: How long have you been playing for the Redhawks?

CN: I was on the team last year as a redshirt freshman, so I didn’t play. This is the first year that I’ve actually played at Seattle U.

RK: What’s been your favorite moment with the Redhawks so far?

CN: I think the first weekend, just coming on really strong and playing some good teams, just making a name for ourselves.

RK: This week, you were named WAC’s Pitcher of the Week for the second time this year, what does that really mean to you? Congratulations by the way.

CN: Thank you. It’s exciting. I just honestly give props to my team because they’re the ones that give me confidence to play and to my other pitchers. I’m a part of a really good staff and that’s exciting.

RK: How is the season going so far?

CN: Going really well. Again, last year I didn’t play, but I know our record is maybe seven or eight wins higher than it was last year as a whole. It’s really exciting to see things come together.

RK: Who’s been a challenging opponent so far, and who’s a challenging opponent you’re looking forward to playing?

CN: So far, the [most challenging] team that we played was UW. That was a team we were really looking forward to and I think we played them really well, and I really wish we could play them again. And in the future, I think just our WAC opponents going in and having some good conferences.

RK: What are your hopes for this season?

CN: As a team, I hope we win the WAC and go onto regionals.

RK: Who is your biggest inspiration?

CN: Oh gosh. That’s a hard question. Probably my parents, because they work hard and have always just inspired me to work hard.

RK: If you could tell little Carley one thing, what would you tell her?

CN: Just keep working hard and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something.

RK: You mentioned that you were a Sports and Exercise Science major, how do you balance your studies and pitching?

CN: The support that we have for athletics makes it a lot easier to balance everything, and I respect it.

RK: What is your favorite thing to do besides your sport?

CN: I like to be outside, so hiking, walking around, playing with my dogs.

RK: If someone wants to find you, where can they find you next?

CN: Probably watching Netflix, if it’s a weekday after practice.

RK: What’s your favorite Netflix show?

CN: I like Dexter. It’s one of my favorites.

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