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A Letter from the Spectator to the Class of 2022

Dear incoming class of 2022,

This past week, many of our stands were empty in some of the most high-traffic buildings on campus. We have received confirmation that at least three of these stands were emptied intentionally and we are disappointed that these stories of Seattle University did not reach your hands at the Accepted Student Open House this past weekend.

In light of these events, we’d still like to have a hand in informing you about the joys of the Seattle U experience. Our members are likely to have the weekly ConnectSU events calendar memorized and we frequently engage with diverse samples of community members—so we like to think we know what’s up.

Unanimously, the editorial staff agreed that our dedicated professors are the best part about attending Seattle U. Many of these individuals have inspired us both as students and as people, clearing time for us beyond their office hour schedules and making headway on groundbreaking research projects with fiery passion and careful expertise. Do not miss an opportunity to get coffee with your favorite professor, be sure to inquire about independent study opportunities and remember that, especially for adjunct faculty, they don’t make nearly enough money considering how much they impact you.

That said, there are many other folks on campus who will make you feel welcome upon your arrival at Seattle U. We highlighted some of our favorite area coordinators and resident assistants as the MVPs of our early college years. They’ll talk you through your roommate conflict, plan crazy floor events and keep you in line for graduation. Rely on these people (if you like them), they’re great resources.

We want to stress the biggest Seattle U perk: you can truly join any club or activity. Heck, you can join multiple. Regardless of whether it even relates to your major, you can hold a leadership position during your first or second year here. The school is small and opportunities are within reach. The Spectator is comprised of students from many different majors learning to conduct good journalism. Why limit yourself to your field of study if you don’t have to?

Lastly, we want you to know that the Seattle U experience is structured to encourage you to think critically about your environment. You will likely develop an insatiable desire to challenge and confront injustices you see. Use what you learn here and don’t wait until you graduate to apply it, you’ll regret it if you do.

We wish you the best of luck in transitioning to this university, considering its many strengths and flaws. We can’t wait to meet you.

– The Spectator Editorial Board

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    Theopenlink 22
    Apr 24, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    Hey there! I was at the accepted student day and I was surprised to find all of the stands open, but thank you for letting us know why. No problem at all. I appreciate the welcome and the advice!