Counting Down the Days: A Letter from the Editor

Last Tuesday was the first day of my final quarter in college. Provided I don’t sleep through all my classes, come June I’ll be walking across the stage dawning the cap and gown as I accept my diploma. Now, I don’t want to get too sentimental but, the truth is, I’m going to miss this place. For the last three and a half years, this has been my home. The memories I’ve created here will stick with me for years to come. But all good things end, and it seems the curtains are closing on my time here at Seattle University.

I’m going to miss staying up all night watching scary movies in the basement of Xavier. I’m going to miss waking up at noon on a Saturday to cure my hangover with eggs and hash browns. I’m going to miss the excitement I get from submitting a final paper seconds before the deadline. I’m going to miss Linda from C-Street. I’m going to miss coffee from the Bottom Lline. I’m going to miss the dog park. I’m going to miss skipping class to do absolutely nothing. I’m going to miss slosh ball with the club soccer team. (I’m definitely not going to miss UCORs, paying tuition and being a broke college student.)

Most of all I’m going to miss the Spectator. I’m going to miss writers and photographers ignoring deadlines. I’m going to miss badgering my editors and designers until they hate me. I’m going to miss working past midnight every Tuesday night. I’m going to miss worrying about whether we’ll be able to publish a newspaper each week. I’m going to miss all of that.

This week Bailee Clark explored how we utilize spaces on campus to enjoy the great outdoors. You should read Frances Divinagracia’s article on the lack of representation in campus staff, Jordan Kenison’s piece on the softball team’s second sweep in the program’s history or Alec Downing’s story about the significance of satire and humor in today’s news.

You may not know them, dear reader, but a lot of great people work tirelessly to bring you the newspaper you hold in your hands. Give them a chance and flip to the next page. It’s all here, and there’s much more to come.

Thanks for reading.

Nick Turner, Editor-in-Chief