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Time Out Session: Madison Cathcart named Hitter of the Week

Madison Cathcart is a second-year criminal justice major that plays first base on Seattle University’s Softball team. So far this season, Cathcart has hit a total of six home runs, four doubles and 12 runs batted in (RBIs). After hitting a batting average of 0.467 at the Marucci Desert Classic, the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) named her hitter of the week.

HU: How long have you been playing so ball for?

MC: I started playing baseball until I was around 11, maybe 12. I switched over to so ball, to a tournament team from like 12 on.

HU: When did you start playing baseball?

MC: As early as I can remember, I honestly have no clue on the day, year or how old I was. My parents just threw me in any sport. So, I played multiple sports.

HU: What did you start out playing?

MC: I started out playing soccer and basketball and then baseball was rec. All throughout middle school and high school I played basketball and I think I stopped soccer at eighth grade. So ball was actually my last sport that I was wanting to go to college for, so it was actually kind of cool.

HU: What are some of your favorite memories you have had with the Redhawks?

MC: So many. I would say my favorite last year was getting into the championship game against New Mexico. We were just all playing together as a team; we were all synced as one. I do not think there was a single error in that game and if there was, somebody else behind us, picked us up. at is what I really love about this team—if somebody fails, you have 21 other people behind you to pick you up. Another one was the WAC championship. We ended up losing, I understand that, but it was just cool how we would go back and forth hitting. Both teams were just on and it was just a really good game. Unfortunately we lost, but it was really fun.

HU: This week you were named WAC’s hitter of the week. Congratulations first of all, and what does this mean to you?

MC: I take it as an accomplishment, but really it was a team thing because no one person deserves it on our team. I think all 22 of us really deserve the award because right now we are playing together and we are playing as one and it is a really cool feeling. We are finishing how we played last year and that is cool coming in with the freshman. Coming in and just picking it up and just hitting the ground running. It was just a cool experience to have us all together as one. Hopefully it continues and it will continue throughout the year.

HU: How is the season going so far?

MC: Really good. It is just a really cool culture to be a part of right now. It is going to continue and our end goal is the WAC tournament.

HU: What are your hopes for the season?

MC: The WAC tournament and getting onto the regionals, competing there and taking the season as far as it will let us.

HU: Who do you think is the biggest team to beat this season?

MC: I cannot really name one team. I would compare GCU [Grand Canyon University] and New Mexico just because they are the ones that gave us the most trouble last year. They are without a doubt a good team— both of them are—but I feel like if we continue to play as we are right now, it’s not going to be a problem.

HU: Who is your biggest inspiration?

MC: My mom. She has been there for everything all throughout tournament, rec, soccer, baseball, so ball and basketball. She has been there for everything.

HU: You said you were a criminal justice major. How do you balance so ball and your studies?

MC: During the season it is really tough because we are really only truly here for three days. So, we are here from Monday to Wednesday and we leave Thursday. How I balance it is I try and get ahead. Right now, I am one week ahead on my homework so I can really go into the tournament and not have any problems thinking about what is due that day or something that is coming up. That way I can already be done and be 100 percent into the game. I think most of our team does that—at least we try to. Sometimes it gets very hard to balance both, especially during finals week or midterms, but we are usually pretty good. Our studies are not something that is a trouble for us.

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