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Time Out Session: Alex Roldan


Seattle Universitys own Alex Roldan is one of 60 players invited to the Major League Soccer (MLS) combine. The combine is a multi-day annual showcas occurrin everJanuary where future MLS players are scouted and evaluated by all 23 MLS teams.

In hiRedhawcareerRoldan started all 78 matches. He is one of two WAC players to be invited to this years combine.

JL: The Redhawks had a strong finish this season, winning the WAC Championship title and advancing to the second round of the NCAA tournament. As a senior and captain on the team, how do you feel about the teams achievements?

AR: Obviously, it was a solid year so there was a lot of young players that stepped up and I was glad to see them develop. Im a senior so I have been through the success that weve had in the soccer program, so seeing them step up to the plate and be able to accomplish what weve done this season was good for them and good for me as my senior year went on.

JL: How has the most recent season and playing for Seattle University as a whole shaped your passion and will to play professionally? When did you realize that playing wasnt just something you wanted to do in college, but something you wanted to continue to do at a higher level?

AR: This last season and last four years were a fun ride. I was able to become  a  better  player  each  year.  I learned a lot playing with each class over thfour years. The coaching staff did a great job; they helped me develop into the person and player I am today as did my teammates. They put me in positions to succeed and the credit goes all to them. I believe after my junior season I realized that I was starting to pick up the skill level to play at the next level, or that I had the potential at least, and that reallcarried on going into my senior year. Now, I am in the combine. Overall, it was a great experience this year and over the last four years. I was fortunate for all the memories I was able to make there [at Seattle U] in what is considered to be my second home.


Alex Roldan goes up for a header in game one of the NCAA tournament.

JL: You were named 29th in the country for the MLS draft board. Whawayoureactiotthat achievement?

AR: I dont really look at those things too much – its all someones opinion  –  buIstilfortunate enougtbamongsalthese players here in the combine. Theyre all potential prospects in the MLS, so just to be mentioned in that is an honor and Im glad to be a part of it.

JL: What is it like to represent Seattle University at the professional level? What has the transition been like with combine play as opposed to your past playing experience?

AR: Im glad to be representing Seattle U here. You look at all the other players that are here and they are from some pretty well-known schools, like Wake  Forest, and teams like that in the ACCs. So helping Seattle U, a small private school, just get a little bit of recognition is something Im glad to do and something I am glad to be a part of. As far as representing myself now, I have that motivation from my family, just to represent my name and where Im from. My community is Pico Rivera [California]. The support that they give me throughout the years –its more in their hands now. I represent them and myself and my family.

JL: You mentioned that family is a big part of your life. Your brother, CristiaRoldan, has a  successful career as a midfielder for the Seattle Sounders. Has that influenced your attitude or motivated you towards playing professionally?

AR: Yes, Its a big motivation. All my life I have grown up in the shadows of my brother, which is not something I am mad about or anything like that, but it just fueled me and it fueled my energy to always strive to be as good as him or strive to be better. Its always been something there to help me reach higher goals. Im fortunate enough to have a brother in the league already to give me insight.

JL: What are your hopes for the combine?

AR: I just hope to have a fun experience. Im not stressing too much about playing my best performances or worried about mistakes. Im just here to have a fun experience and what  follows  is  something  that  will come in its own nature.

After the second day of the combineRoldan was mentioned in an article on, highlighting his strong performance and listing him under stock rising.

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