Ask Mama Mozzone


Giving relationship advice of any kind.

Q: Okay, so, I’m going in a date with this girl and I’m really excited and nervous because I have no clue what I’m supposed to do or talk about. We’re going to a Café, please help me! I don’t want to screw this up!
A: First of all, a cafe is a classic date! I’d find some things you have in common and some things you both hate. If it turns out you don’t have much in common, you can always start telling jokes. Relationships, in my experience, are made through interests and humor. Good luck, you’ll do great!

Q: The girl I’m seeing is studying abroad soon. What do?
A: I would start by discussing what relationship terms would make you two the most comfortable. Are you going to keep contact, continue seeing each other etc? If you decide to keep regular contact, I would do something together other than talking, play video games, watch TV, something you enjoy!!

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