Courtesy Under the Sound

Fall Ball is almost here! With just one day left, SEAC cannot wait to welcome our friends and peers to the Seattle Aquarium for our annual event. We as a council are privileged and humbled for the opportunity to share, dance, and create memories at one of Seattle’s most iconic locations. We are looking forward to the wonderful aquatic sights and sounds of this venue, as well as the delightful company of some marine critters!

You may have seen throughout our social media outlets and on-campus video boards that we’re attempting something new by being fully transparent about alcohol and substance consumption at Fall Ball. As we address this topic as a Seattle U event, SEAC would like to encourage abstaining from alcohol and substance use at Fall Ball, and also safe and reasonable alcohol consumption prior to the event, if students choose to drink. This is addressed in order to fully conduct Seattle University’s Alcohol and Drug policy for university-sponsored events. SEAC and its advisors have met consistently to support safe practices of substance and alcohol consumption, in the interest of keeping Fall Ball a fun and memorable event.

Students deemed to be disregarding these conditions and endangering the space, people, and animals at Fall Ball will be subject to disciplinary actions such as: removal from the event, prevention from entering, and punitive write-ups in accordance with the student code on conduct.

We are taking extra precautions this year due to the nature of the event and its location. The Seattle Aquarium is home to hundreds of delicate, living creatures which will be accessible to the attendees throughout the entire event. There will also be open touch pools housing various types of sea-life. As guests of this space, we encourage the utmost safety and respect towards the animals of the Seattle Aquarium, as well as the staff, security, and volunteers that will be working the event alongside SEAC.

We hope for Fall Ball to continue to be one of Seattle U’s entertaining and educational events. SEAC is beyond excited to share this space with you all, and hope to see you there for a memorable and fun night “Under the Sound,” November 9th. We’d also like to thank the Spectator for giving us a platform to speak about safety at Fall Ball.

For more information regarding this event, check out the “SEAC” portal on ConnectSU.

Kyle Woo, SEAC Creative Director