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Giving relationship advice of any kind.

Q: I have a huge crush on my best friend and idk what to do about it ):
A: As long as A) you don’t live together, B) their romantic/sexual orientation lines up with yours and C) you know your friendship would be fine if they knew and didn’t reciprocate. I’ve been friends with girls/guys who’ve had crushes on me, let me know, and after I decline we continue to be friends. Fun fact: the first time my current boyfriend asked me out, I actually said no (long story), but we continued to be friends afterwards. It’s always best to be honest with your feelings, even if it’s hard to sometimes.
Q: Do you think astrology has any importance on relationships?
A: I want to say no, but I’ve been screwed over by more Libras than I can count. And as much as I want to say star signs aren’t grounded in reality, I’m as stereotypical of a Taurus as they come :/

Take astrology with a grain of salt, and if you’re going to use it, be sure to look at a person’s entire chart instead of just their sun sign.
Q: My girlfriend is super pretty and smells like cinnamon and her birthday is coming up. I wanna do something special for her! She likes Denny’s, sci-fi movies, and going to the beach, but we do all of that pretty often so I’d like to do something extra special, any suggestions?
A: First of all your description of her is incredibly cute. There’s two main ways you can go for a gift: sentimental or experience-based.

For sentimental, anything handmade or with a lot of thought behind it will work! Make her something creative, it doesn’t matter if it’s well-polished, she’ll love the effort you put in just for her. For an experience, take her somewhere! Maybe you can find another deliciously terrible diner to go to, or go on a road trip to a beach she’s never seen, or take her somewhere as a surprise! Good luck <3

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