Ask Mama Mozzone

Giving relationship advice of any kind.

Q: What’s your advice for making long distance relationships work?

A: I’ve been in a successful long distance relationship myself for two years! The most key step: make time to DO something together. Texting is weak, and it’s going to make you think about how much you miss them. My boyfriend and I play video games once a week together, but maybe you two like other things! Watch a movie together over video chat, listen to music, whatever you both enjoy. Another addition: if either of you gets easily jealous, don’t do it. You’ll end up nervous about who is talking with them and not trusting each other, and it’s going to end messy. Finally have a talk about what you’d like to do once the long distance ends. Get married? Move in? If it’s not something serious, I don’t see the point in doing long distance at all.

Q: I am a sophomore now, and I am starting to become concerned that I have no relationship experience. People around me keep asking me why I haven’t dated anyone, or that it is weird to have not had one by my age. I do not care what others think, but I am starting to think that I would like to start dating. How does one go about the dating scene?

A: First of all, I’m not sure why people are so worried about your dating life. You could go about it the casual way, using dating apps like Tinder, but I’m guessing you don’t want to go that route. My advice would be to immerse yourself in communities that like the same things you do! Join a club on campus that’s relevant to something you enjoy, and you’ll meet new people there who like the same things you do, which always helps in creating that initial good first impression! My other piece of advice is: if you think someone likes you as more than a friend, most of the time you aren’t imagining it. Ask someone out, take a chance! At this age, people are mature enough to continue being your friend even if they turn you down romantically.

Q: OK, my partner loves feet. So much so, he’s asked if we could try out a new fantasy. It involves putting my feet in a tub of yogurt, and once the yogurt is gone, licking my feet clean. It helps get him moving and I want to support him, but I’m hesitant to try. What do, Mama?

A: I’m sure you’re a wonderful partner if you’re willing to go out of your comfort zone for your partner! However, if it makes you incredibly uncomfortable, I’d maybe find an alternative fantasy that is less than intimidating for you. If you’re ready to try though, I’d ask your partner to take the lead and let you know exactly what he’s interested in so there’s less pressure on you. Good luck!

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