Asking Mama Mozzone

For relationship advice of any kind.

Q: How do I tell my friend I need space while staying friends with them?

A: A true friend should understand that it’s okay to need space! Let them know it’s not personal – I’m assuming you’re overwhelmed with work, school, other relationships, etc. and have less time for hanging out with your friend. Keep hanging out with them, but maybe only in casual settings like grabbing some lunch, situations where it’s easy to dip if they become too much. Good luck!

Q: My friends live together, and I tend to feel excluded. How can I feel included again?

A: Your friends probably aren’t even aware you’re feeling this way! If you’re close enough, I’d let them know what’s on your mind, and that you’d like to plan more activities that involve all of you! If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, I’d do my best to be proactive, even when it’s hard – text them first, plan an event! I guarantee your friends care about you, and that’s what you should focus on!

Q: None of my coworkers take me seriously, what should I do?

A: Remember – they hired you for a reason. I would take initiative, maybe start a project on your own that shows that you really care about your job, organize the office, or whatever else shows that you take your job seriously. If you show that you take your job seriously, everyone else should follow!